Current Events

I have to take a break from my planned posts to talk about current events. Specifically, the 2021 Olympics and Simone Biles.

I am writing this based on what I have read, heard, or seen. I am NOT saying this is exactly what’s gone down, but as how I interpret what’s going on. So this is a combination of my opinion and what I’ve pulled from the opinions of others.

She withdrew from various Olympic events citing mental health concerns. I am SO FUCKING PROUD OF HER!

Simone Biles is an athlete greater than any other athlete out there today, without a doubt. She is the face of the United States for these Summer Games. America would like to place all the pressure we can put on her to go out there and dominate and win all the gold medals for this country.

I remember the 1996 Olympics, when Kerri Strug won gold on vault despite seriously injuring herself in her first go-around. Being forced to continue and further injure herself due to the pressures put on her to “push through the pain” must have been gut-wrenching.

I am heartbroken for the young woman she was. For the level of pressure her teammates, her coaches, her country, and the world were putting on her.

But as we all know, pain is not just physical.

So here we are 25 years later. And Simone Biles is an inspiration for refusing to let the pressures put on her to do what everyone is saying she should do in order to do what is necessary for herself.

I don’t need to know what has been going through her head when she has all of that to consider. That is not anyone’s business but hers. And the decisions she has made belong to her. She knows what is right for her, and she’s standing up and putting herself first over the pressures being placed on her.

It is not WEAK to put your mental health first. In fact, it’s the strongest thing one can do, when they know things are on the line.

It is amazing to see how many people are coming out to share in that pride and supporting her, and those like her, who are out there prioritizing mental health.

This is the kind of thing we need more of in order to break the stigma.

I am so proud of Simone Biles.

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