My body is my body

This isn’t going to be a long post, but it’s one I have to put out here. I’m still extremely emotional about things, so I’m feeling reactionary.


It’s a hot-button political and social topic that shouldn’t need to be a topic of conversation at all. But the Supreme Court decided they should rescind the right to one.

My emotions about this are all over the place. Horrified was the initial thought. Anger was the second. Fear was the third.

The USA is broken. This is just the opening attack.

I have had in the pipeline for a while a very thoughtful post about why I made the choice to never have children. I was going to write about the relationship my mental health has had with birth control. I was going to talk about the two abortions I had in my 20s and why I still had to fight for over a decade to get my tubes tied.

But right now, all I can think is that it shouldn’t matter why a woman chooses to not have children (or can’t have them). It shouldn’t matter whether a woman is or is not on birth control or the reasons why. It shouldn’t matter why a woman might choose or require an abortion.

None of that should matter.

And yet, people with uteruses have had their federal rights to an abortion denied to them by five measly people. People with uteruses are being questioned about or worrying about access or their relationships to birth control. People with uteruses are having their choice to have children or not being stripped away.

I went through hell for 15 years before I could finally say for certain that I was never going to birth a child. This was as an adult. And it was at least during a time when I HAD choice over the matter. I didn’t have to be terrified that if I got pregnant I would be required to go through with it.

I am horrified that people with uteruses going forward have to live with that terror.

I am beyond angry at the five people on the Supreme Court who are currently laughing in delight.

I am so afraid of what they’re going to do next.

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