I am Lori

Who am I? I’m a geek. I pretend I’m an artist. I am a voracious reader. I’m charismatic. I’m smart. And more than anything, I love life.

Hello! If you’re new and don’t already know who I am – my name is Lori, and you’ve somehow stumbled upon my blog. Thank you for taking the time to poke around. Welcome.

This blog is a story. It’s my story. I write to process my thoughts. To share what I have learned. To speak up for myself and for anyone else who may struggle in a world that stigmatizes those of us who live with a mental illness (or two or three).

I write because I’m not broken. Writing is where I prove, against all the odds, that I can thrive.

This popular meme pretty much describes me to a T.

The art on my body tells the story of where I’ve been, where I want to go, and who I am. Now I’m ready to tell that story in words.

After more than 20 years living with mental health disorders, I feel like it’s time to say fuck you to the stigma society has placed on openly discussing these topics.

I’m going to talk about it, though. I’m going to talk about mental health and mental illness where anyone can find it. Where people will hopefully read it.

So I am here to stand up and say, “hey, I have bipolar affective disorder (BPAD). I have post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I have general anxiety disorder (GAD). I have attention deficit disorder (ADD). I have rejection sensitive dysphoria (RSD). I have tried to kill myself. I’ve been hospitalized. I’ve been in and out of therapy for my entire adult life. I’ve been on this that and so many of the medications prescribed for my disorders. And more more more. But I am STILL HERE.”

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Death Saving Throws. 3 successes over 2 failures.
The creature has been stabilized. But it was a close call.

There is nothing easy or simple about saying any of that, no matter how many people tell me how brave I am for speaking up. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I had a panic attack right after “launching” this site.

But if my saying this all out loud helps just one person acknowledge that they’re struggling? To feel like they can reach out and get help? Or give someone the ability to see and hear well enough to help or even just understand someone else? It’s why I do it. It’s why I’ve started this blog.

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