Celebrity voices

We are surrounded by public figures acting (or being pushed into the role) as role-models for their fans. Actors, singers, athletes… celebrities have a platform that we don’t. And when they use their platforms to bring things into the open, it helps everyone see “we aren’t alone.” Here are some of the celebrities I couldContinue reading “Celebrity voices”

A mental health disorder is not the end

When I got my bipolar diagnosis at 21 years old I thought, “that’s it.” The only people I knew back then who had bipolar struggled through life. Most of them couldn’t keep a job. They had to be on disability benefits. They couldn’t live independently. They struggled with relationships. I had three friends who hadContinue reading “A mental health disorder is not the end”

Suicide Prevention

September is recognized annually as National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Suicidal ideation refers to thinking about, considering, or planning suicide. A suicide attempt is a non-fatal, self-directed, potentially injurious behavior with intent to die as a result of the behavior. A suicide attempt might not result in injury. Suicide is defined as death caused byContinue reading “Suicide Prevention”

National Suicide Prevention Week

September 5-11, 2021https://afsp.org/national-suicide-prevention-week I will have a lot more to talk about on this topic later this week. But I want to say this today. Suicide is hard to talk about, but I do want to always make people aware that it is not and should not be a taboo subject. We are currently withinContinue reading “National Suicide Prevention Week”