Thanksgiving – AKA one of my least favorite days of the year

Nearly everyone I know has been gearing up for the big American holiday coming up this Thursday. A day of feasting, family, friends, and feelings of gratitude. Thanksgiving for me, though, is a day that causes sadness, loneliness, anxiety, and reminders of everything I don’t believe I have in my life. This does sound likeContinue reading “Thanksgiving – AKA one of my least favorite days of the year”

Lessons from a therapist for ADD

I’ve known for quite some time that I had some form of ADD/ADHD. My long-time therapist pinged it right away, as well. However, my psych insisted we were wrong and that was the end of that! The symptoms were just my bipolar and anxiety, said he. (BAH!) So I didn’t get the “official” diagnosis untilContinue reading “Lessons from a therapist for ADD”