How do we discover our values?

I have suffered frequently over the years from extreme feelings of worthlessness. Like I’ve done nothing in my life good enough to be considered accomplished. Depression and anxiety just makes it harder for me to recognize otherwise. A reason for this is due to focusing on the wrong things. If we don’t place enough valueContinue reading “How do we discover our values?”

Talking about depression

I’ve been working on something else to post this Friday, as scheduled. But I got to thinking about depression yesterday. The thoughts started pouring out of me, so I felt I’d share it now rather than waiting to post it on a schedule. This one may not be as carefully written (and the associated imageContinue reading “Talking about depression”

Lies we tell ourselves

Weak. A burden. Selfish. Irresponsible. A failure. Alone. Worthless. Crazy. My brain tells me I am these things nearly every day. This is just one of the manifestations of my anxiety and my depression. Whenever I express them out loud, my friends will try to help by responding, “your brain is stupid.” I am generallyContinue reading “Lies we tell ourselves”