Always thinking about what mischief I can get up to.
  • Trauma in positive change
    My decision to leave the job I’ve been at for the past ten years began last May. But in July I found a company that truly excited me. When I realized that THAT was where I wanted to work, I decided to keep an eye on job postings there only. Make connections. Be persistent. ThatContinue reading “Trauma in positive change”
  • Welcome, 2023
    Midway through January, and I’m still marveling at the start of this new year. It’s because I said to someone the other day, “I had an awesome 2022.” For the first time, I think, I said that and didn’t immediately feel guilty about it. I didn’t feel as though my happiness and positive experiences wereContinue reading “Welcome, 2023”
  • Facing the potential of my greatest fear
    Reading.Playing D&D.A love of color.Sunrises.Smiles. (faces in general)Sketching.Doing things on the computer.Being able to SEE. Those are all things that are vitally important to me. Things that help me smile. That help me when I feel myself slipping. That are simply my favorite things. Last week at my regular eye check-up my doctor found aContinue reading “Facing the potential of my greatest fear”
  • A month of connecting with the world.
    Every 2 years I find myself going completely nuts for a full month. This year, it’s November/December (rather than the usual June/July). Want to guess what happens every 2 years that lasts for a month? That’s right. It’s the World Cup. My favorite event in the world. The event that sets me off on aContinue reading “A month of connecting with the world.”
  • A letter to my future self
    I don’t see many people who have regular conversations with the person they will be. It’s usually thinking about the past and what we would say to our younger selves. But, the past can’t be changed. It happened. It’s why we spend decades in therapy trying to fill in the broken pieces. The future, however?Continue reading “A letter to my future self”
  • Thirty facts about myself
    Well now. Isn’t this a great way to guess my passwords, right? So, got to think of facts that are true – but ridiculous or just crazy obvious. Let’s go! That was quite a lot of fun to write! Thank you to my friend Chris for helping me come up with ideas. (Hi Chris!)
  • Looking to publish?
    Been thinking about this since my therapist brought it up last week.(Link to previous post.) I’ve also been poking around a lot. It’s such a place of inspiration for me. And a place that feels like it might be a good place to start if I were to possibly look into publishing things IContinue reading “Looking to publish?”
  • To run away? Or to escape?
    The first time I “ran away” it was in the middle of winter and I was 12 years old. It was already dark, and I had no destination or any idea of where I could go and I wasn’t gone very long. I remember, though, how awful things were and my feelings of needing toContinue reading “To run away? Or to escape?”
  • To discuss style is more than just fashion
    What is “style?” In the fashion world, “style” is usually shorthand for “personal style,” or the way an individual expresses themselves through aesthetic choices such as their clothing, accessories, hairstyle, and the way they put an outfit together. I know that there are a lot of people who don’t believe style matters. But, I genuinelyContinue reading “To discuss style is more than just fashion”

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