Always thinking about what mischief I can get up to.
  • Writing Challenge: Day 1
    Describe my personality My therapist told me that I have the “gift of intensity.” I think that’s the perfect description of who I am. Describing my personality in concrete terms has been hard to figure out over the years, because it was always me trying to differentiate my innate personality from the symptoms that comeContinue reading “Writing Challenge: Day 1”
  • 30 days of writing
    Over on Medium I stumbled upon a post where the writer shared this “30-day writing challenge” deal. I am a great fan of lists. And I am always interested in prompts that will get my creative writing brain moving in directions I might not otherwise have thought to write about. So I am going toContinue reading “30 days of writing”
  • Connecting with other people
    Vulnerability. That’s the magic word when it comes to connection. It’s when we let our guard down and find acceptance in who we are. It’s feeling free to be silly. Feeling free to express our honest emotions. Feeling free to let go and tell the world what’s in our heads and in our hearts. WhenContinue reading “Connecting with other people”
  • I am ready
    After only a few sessions with my newest therapist, I can definitively say, I REALLY LIKE HER! I feel connected to her already, and really appreciate her approach to working with me. I feel that this will be a very good relationship. I can’t believe that I’ve won the therapist lottery, again. In the shortContinue reading “I am ready”
  • Therapy and Railroading
    If you have ever played a game like Dungeons & Dragons or some other RPG, you have probably heard the term “railroading.” Railroading is when a game master forces the players in an RPG down a predetermined story path that they’ve already decided the outcome or main beats of – and, as such, it cannotContinue reading “Therapy and Railroading”
  • Fight Club
    “You do not talk about Fight Club.” That’s how I grew up. My family was Fight Club. I can’t process so much of what’s happening with my mental health without talking about my relationship with my parents and what it was like growing up in my family. It’s the basis for so many of theContinue reading “Fight Club”
  • The Four Agreements – Chapter 1
    My new therapist, who I met with last week (and who is AWESOME!!), gave me homework toward the end of our session. I will write in more detail about the lead-up to this in another post, but for now I am just putting in something here to help me remember things. The homework was toContinue reading “The Four Agreements – Chapter 1”
  • Kid-friendly roller-coaster
    I had a great time driving back from Maine last week. There was one section of the drive home, I think ME-131 S or ME-235 S or thereabouts north of Boothbay Harbor, where the road felt (to me) a bit like a kid-friendly roller-coaster. Up and down, twist and turn. Not at full speed (becauseContinue reading “Kid-friendly roller-coaster”
  • 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
    Please take note. As of a few days ago, 988 has become the National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. A person can either call or send a text message using just these three numbers. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones,Continue reading “988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline”

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