Facing the potential of my greatest fear

Reading.Playing D&D.A love of color.Sunrises.Smiles. (faces in general)Sketching.Doing things on the computer.Being able to SEE. Those are all things that are vitally important to me. Things that help me smile. That help me when I feel myself slipping. That are simply my favorite things. Last week at my regular eye check-up my doctor found aContinue reading “Facing the potential of my greatest fear”

A month of connecting with the world.

Every 2 years I find myself going completely nuts for a full month. This year, it’s November/December (rather than the usual June/July). Want to guess what happens every 2 years that lasts for a month? That’s right. It’s the World Cup. My favorite event in the world. The event that sets me off on aContinue reading “A month of connecting with the world.”