Smile for a Saturday

This follows an earlier post about always trying to find SOMETHING to celebrate.

In a world and during a time where things are dark and scary and feels like everything is crap – I think it’s important to find things that are still able to make me smile.

So I am going to share these as they come. Every Saturday, I want us to think back on the previous week and find even just one thing that made us smile that week. They don’t have to be big. But think about it. Let it make you smile again. For these moments, the depression and oppressive feelings that nothing around us will be right again can take a back seat.

So what made me smile this week?

I applied for a job.

This is a job I really want. For a company I would be so excited to work at. And I have no idea if they’ll look at my application, think I’m properly qualified, and decide to give me a shot. But I think I will be perfect for the position and would fit into the culture of the company better than any other applicant they might get. So I did it anyway. I did it.

I love my current job. I love my boss. I love what we do and how much what is done there actually matters in how they want to make things better.

But I have been feeling like I need more. And hadn’t felt that I could do anything about it.

Feeling hopeless is a horrible feeling. I have spent far too much time stuck in that muck. But this week I took my first steps to move forward.


Even if absolutely nothing comes of it, I am proud of myself. Because I did something. I took a step forward. And one step forward means it’ll be a little easier to take a second step forward.


When there is something that makes me smile, it gives me hope that there are more things out there that will bring another smile to my face. Then another. It makes me hope that things won’t always be horrible.

I have been feeling hopeless.

I can feel that slipping away.

One smile at a time.

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Coffee addicted charismatic geek with a penchant for tattoos, books, and listening to people tell their stories.

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