Smile for a Saturday- Sentimentality

I’m a sap. Not ashamed of being sentimental. It’s a part of who I am.

Holding onto the memories of things that have made me smile is helpful in helping me remember that not every aspect of my past has been awful. That despite everything I’ve been through and all the lies in my brain, there have been moments in my life that brought me joy. I hold onto those memories with all my strength.

My mom is and has always been an amazing woman. SO TALENTED! Her creativity has always left me in awe. Over the past few days, my sisters have been sharing pictures from the cloth books they still have that mom made for all of us when we were really little.

Really little – I’m pretty sure I was 5 or so when I got my book. I still have it. So do my sisters. (Not sure if my brothers have hung onto theirs. But I don’t think they’re quite as sentimental as the rest of us are.)

Anyway. Remembering that particular time in my life always makes me smile. I remember being HAPPY.

So today’s Smile for a Saturday is to share my book with the rest of you.

Published by loribarett

Coffee addicted charismatic geek with a penchant for tattoos, books, and listening to people tell their stories.

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