PTSD and the question, “Who am I?”

I have been having multiple meltdowns every day since my car accident last week, on top of the disassociation, nightmares, and fear/worry over things that otherwise wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. Classic case of PTSD, according to my therapist. She has been checking on me daily. And, between her encouragement and the support ofContinue reading “PTSD and the question, “Who am I?””

Accidents happen. But trauma remains.

I’m starting my new job on the 21st. The 17th was my final day at Tufts, but Thursday the 16th was when I’d say my final farewell to a job I’d been at for ten years. Despite how sad that was going to be, Thursday morning I was in the best mood ever. I wasContinue reading “Accidents happen. But trauma remains.”

Trauma in positive change

My decision to leave the job I’ve been at for the past ten years began last May. But in July I found a company that truly excited me. When I realized that THAT was where I wanted to work, I decided to keep an eye on job postings there only. Make connections. Be persistent. ThatContinue reading “Trauma in positive change”