Med management only

As it turns out, the mental health care clinic I go to for my therapist and psych has a policy I was unaware of or had long forgotten about.

In order to continue seeing my doctor (the writer of my psych med prescriptions) I *must* be seeing a therapist within that clinic.

So what am I supposed to do now that I no longer feel it is necessary to continue seeing my therapist? I have no interest in bouncing from therapist to therapist within the clinic (wasting their time and mine) just to talk to my doctor for all of 5 minutes once a month to get prescriptions for my meds.

I genuinely do understand the clinic’s policy, because I’ve said this before. Throwing meds at a person is not always the answer to mental health issues; and combining the right medications with regular therapy is usually what is recommended.

But sometimes, or eventually, med management really IS all a person needs. (While touching base with a therapist or other trained professional from time to time, to check in with how you’re doing and what new tools might be available or to remind you of tools that will keep helping that you might have forgotten about.)

I reached out to my primary care physician. She is willing to help me bridge the gap between leaving my current doctor and finding an appointment with a new one. But, she also gave me a warning. One I am already well aware of.

Finding providers is very hard these days.

I spoke to the clinic I’m currently at, and they did understand my frustration. But – policy. However, they suggested something I hadn’t realized was a thing that I absolutely should have known.

There are doctors/providers who ONLY do medication management. She gave me the contact info for one, and I have left a message.

My hope is that this doctor and/or his associates are willing/able to take in a new patient or offer additional suggestions I might reach out to if not.

But even if it will be a while before I can get an appointment of if I have to keep looking for someone else, my primary care doctor has me covered.

I am lucky to have the resources I do have. A doctor who can help. A clinic willing to help me find alternative providers. And this is not the sort of change in providers and I’m not in a current state of crisis that is making this an emergency.

But I remain frustrated. I just want to find someone to manage my meds. It should not be this difficult. It shouldn’t be.

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