My siblings – they’re pretty great

My older sister and I share a birthday. (Photo taken 1986)

Oh dear. *laughs*

There ARE five of us in my family. Most of them are really fucking awesome. So I will talk about the three of them.

He’s the youngest. He will either forever be referred to as “Punk” or as my “Baby Brother.” (Photo taken 2010)

I’ve got my Not Twin (same birthday, two years apart). I’ve got my Little Brother (two years younger – a billion feet taller). And I’ve got my Baby Brother (youngest sibling). They are stupid giant dorks (giant is true, for two of them) and I love them.

We aren’t the kind of siblings who gather for holidays or special events. I have seen them only a couple of times each in the past 10-15 years. Living in four different states all over the country doesn’t help with that. But, it’s also just us.

Let me see… I last saw Not Twin and Baby Brother both back in 2018 (they still lived in the same state at the time, so I got to see them both when I went up for my high school reunion). I got to see Little Brother last year, though, when he and his wonderful (now-new) wife came to Boston for a visit for a few days.

Little Brother is the best goofball of them all. (Photo taken 2021)

We love each other, but we aren’t close, which does make me sad. At the same time, though, we’d still do just about anything for each other. *smiles* I’d move the earth for them if they needed me to do so.

I adore those three. They’re three of my favorite people in the world whether we actually know much of anything about each other or not. Because it’s the heart of them that I know.

They’re solidly good human beings. And they’re damn good siblings.

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