A best friend is someone to treasure

Ellen and I make very little sense together to people who only know one of us but not really the other.

She lets me drag her out to random things.
She makes everything even more enjoyable.

It feels weird talking (writing) about her here. Because… I can’t just describe her. And, I’m sure that the her *I* describe wouldn’t at all be the her that *she* would describe. 🙂 Plus, she’s pretty damn introverted, and gets embarrassed ridiculously easily. Which is fun sometimes. But, also necessary. Because she needs to be told more often how fucking awesome she is.

I want to say that Ellen is very solid, but while that’s not quite the right word I’ll stick with it for now. She is one of the most competent people I know. Ridiculously smart. Funny as hell. But also frequently oblivious/lost in her head; always has too long of a to-do list; and is quite the overachiever.

Something I don’t think most people get a chance to see is just how much she finds joy in things. Her love of BTS is hilarious to me, but I love it, because it makes her so happy. She gets full giggly and bouncy and turns into the person she rarely shows other people. The full-on goofball ridiculous person who is not at all the stoic introvert she usually portrays.

More pulling her along for random activities!

There are a lot of things each of us love that the other just doesn’t get. But, we can sit for forever listening to each other be excited.

Her being happy makes me happy.

She’s my person. She’ll always be in my life. Forever. I have a hard time believing that to such a degree when it comes to other people. But not her.


It’s real between us.

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Coffee addicted charismatic geek with a penchant for tattoos, books, and listening to people tell their stories.

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