Dungeons & Dragons is more than a game

Ok. I get to talk about happiness again for this challenge. And, I am going to talk about something I’ve been wanting to talk about here for the longest time.

Things. People. Activities. What brings me happiness?

Dungeons & Dragons is the first thing that will always come to mind.

I’ve played D&D, off and on, for more than 30 years. Sometimes with my siblings and their families. Sometimes with friends, acquaintances, or strangers. Sometimes even just by myself (when creating characters or, right now, an entire adventure).

I currently play in three games, and on Saturday I will run my first session as Game Master of an original adventure. (I am excited and terrified about that at the same time!)

D&D is more than just a game to me.

It… inspires.

D&D connects people.

D&D develops creativity.

D&D creates confidence.

D&D promotes caring.

D&D encourages thinking.

A game that only needs (at its core) paper, a pencil, and a set of dice does all of that?

And more.

Old picture that is truly awful. But the pure happiness I got from playing the game that night shines through, which I will always love.

D&D has a way of getting you to let your guard down, be vulnerable, and share with other people the creation of and telling of a story that will always be yours.

D&D allows all people to feel included. You can be whoever or whatever you want to be. You can play a fantastical version of yourself. Or play a character as different from yourself as you choose. You find that things you might struggle with in real life don’t matter once you start rolling the dice. For instance, it gives us the freedom to feel what our characters might feel, even if those are feelings you struggle to allow yourself to feel.

It’s hard to put into words what this game has done for me in… finding parts of myself and seeing myself and having space to just exist.

When I play D&D I feel safe.

There is no happier feeling than that.

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Coffee addicted charismatic geek with a penchant for tattoos, books, and listening to people tell their stories.

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