Looking to publish?

Been thinking about this since my therapist brought it up last week.
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I’ve also been poking around Medium.com a lot. It’s such a place of inspiration for me. And a place that feels like it might be a good place to start if I were to possibly look into publishing things I write.

But, where to start?

I decided that the first place to start would be to look at what I’ve already written. So I began rereading my blog. I’m very proud of what I have accomplished here. Of what I’ve written. And while sometimes it does veer off the “official” description, I am okay with that.

While looking back at my past posts, I came up with a list of some of them that I would like to look at closer with an eye at “is this something that I might want to publish?” Not as they are – as much as I do try to polish things before I post them (or go back and polish things up after), I still don’t think anything here is good enough – but I think they’d be a start?

Here are the ones I kept coming back to with this idea in mind.

They would just be starting places. But would they be GOOD starting places?

I don’t know.

A piece on Medium from last year discussed building an audience.

”3 Tips for Buildidng Your Audience on Medium”

I keep coming back to this:

“When you’re just starting out, the most important thing you can do is the hardest thing: craft content that is interesting, useful, and worth reading. It doesn’t have to interest everyone, but it does have to interest someone (or a small group of someones).“

That’s the biggest thing that makes me stop in my tracks, frozen in fear.

Because another post I’ve read recently (crap, I can’t find it anymore in order to share the link!) is that no one wants to read about you. YOU aren’t interesting. YOU aren’t useful to them. YOU aren’t worth reading.

I write about things from my perspective. About myself. About my experiences. I tell my stories. And I’ve had people tell me (to my face, but more frequently behind my back) I’m narcissistic. I’m selfish. I’m self-centered.

I don’t think I am those things. But, hearing them is so painful that it makes me question myself.

It makes me question whether the things I want or have to say are interesting, useful, and worth reading.

I started this post thinking what I write could maybe be published.

I’m ending it having convinced myself again that they aren’t.

I’m glad I have therapy today. Because this is precisely what we will be discussing. Landmine is in place. Let’s go step on it.

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Coffee addicted charismatic geek with a penchant for tattoos, books, and listening to people tell their stories.

One thought on “Looking to publish?

  1. Good for you pursuing your love of writing! I just wanted to say that no matter where we are in the journey, we all hear those voices that tell us we have nothing to say and no one wants to read what we write. After 9 books, and 11 years of blogging, I feel that way about every single thing I write. And I trust God is giving me the words! LOL If he’s wrong, then we’re all in a mess. Hang in there. Look for my writers group on FB – Real Time Writers. We’re all in different places with our writing journey, some just starting, some published, but all of it’s meant to encourage and give tips. All the best to you!

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