Thirty facts about myself

Well now. Isn’t this a great way to guess my passwords, right? So, got to think of facts that are true – but ridiculous or just crazy obvious.

Let’s go!

Painting bought in Quito, Ecuador.
  1. My favorite color is yellow
  2. My friend Lori painted the most awesome painting I have in my apartment. It’s Grey Worm and Missandei, from Game of Thrones. Absolutely stunning piece.
  3. I also have a painting that I picked up while in Ecuador. I bought it in 2011. I didn’t get it framed until 2021. I’m not sure if I am lazy or particular or forgetful. I blame moving a lot. “I was waiting until the right time and place.” Yeah. That’s what I will go with.
  4. I love cherry tootsie roll pops over all other candy.
  5. Cherry flavor in general is really fucking awesome. Give me all the cherry candy. Now, please.
  6. I hate sticky food items like syrup and honey, but I love caramel. Love it.
  7. Food is an easy thing to list, apparently. Because, I hate fruits I have to eat by hand that are drippy and… you guessed it… sticky.
  8. My favorite perfume is Versace Dylan Blue.
  9. I love the smell of brownies. Not chocolate. Just brownies.
  10. Oh. And dark chocolate is vile. Absolute shit. Make it stay far away from me.
  11. Back with the food. Should move off from that, eh? I own an absurd number of Converse sneakers. Not really an absurd. The right amount, I’d say. Only my mom thinks the number is absurd.
  12. My spider plant looks like it’s going to die. I am unsure why. I’ve been taking care of the bloody thing! I need my best friend to come look at it. She is the plant whisperer. I kill them. See evidence A: the spider plant about the die.
  13. I sleep with the stuffed teddy bear I have had since Christmas when I was six years old. Fuck off. Wallace is the best. Also, he’s named after Charles Wallace. If you can tell me who that is without cheating, you get a thumbs up.
  14. I don’t own a computer.
  15. Trader Joe’s instant coffee packets with the cream and sugar is the best stuff ever. I drink about three of them a day.
  16. My go-to coffee order at a coffee shop I’ve not been to is always a vanilla latte. That tells me if they can make decent coffee or not.
  17. Cheap gas station coffee? Mix the vanilla and hazelnut flavors. A touch of cream. Two Splenda.
  18. People ask me what my favorite dinosaur is. I don’t know why I get embarrassed by that question, but I do. Because I don’t have one. I’ve never been a dinosaur person.
  19. Give me elephants, though. Elephants are the best. Especially baby elephants. Videos of baby elephants will cheer me up on even the worst day.
  20. I love acquisition. I actually don’t care much about possession.
  21. I can’t wear my favorite shade of red. First, it was because of years with pink hair that was just the right shade of pink that was AWFUL with that shade of red. Now it’s because the red clashes with my tattoos.
  22. I have gotten 28 tattoos, 30 piercings, and have dyed my hair just about every color you can think of.
  23. I have 23 tattoos, 8 piercings, and my hair has been my natural hair color for the past two years! I hardly recognize myself.
  24. It was just pointed out to me that number 23 mentioned I had 23 tattoos. I hadn’t noticed. I am pretty oblivious about things. That’s a fact.
  25. I love the game Iron Dragon. I don’t get to play it, though, because it’s a bloody long game and most people don‘t want to spend multiple hours on a game when it’s only two players – let alone upwards of 12 if there is a full group. But it is awesome.
  26. I can say Hello, My names are, How are you, I’m good, and Thank you in Kinyarwandan.
  27. I don’t understand how anyone can stand to let their inbox sit with unread emails in it. I’ve been glancing at my phone off and on this evening, but I’m spending time with my friend so I’m staying off it. However, it’s driving me up the wall that there are emails in there now that I haven’t read.

    My brother once emailed me. Then called me five minutes later, asking if I was okay. Because I hadn’t responded to his email.

    He wasn’t being a pain in the ass. He was genuinely concerned about me.
  28. My fingernails always have to be sparkly. They don’t have to be obscenely sparkly. But they must sparkle. Or I get sad.
  29. I have a stuffed animal dog-thing named Murdoch I’ve had since I was a baby. He wears a green shirt with a pink letter T on it. The shirt used to belong to the chipmunk doll I got for Christmas when I was five or something. But I decided immediately that Murdoch needed the clothes more than Theodore the Chipmunk did. Poor naked Theodore.
  30. My Kindle currently has 2184 books in it. I have more than that. They’re just not all on my Kindle.

That was quite a lot of fun to write! Thank you to my friend Chris for helping me come up with ideas. (Hi Chris!)

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