It feels like I am being punished

Tested positive for COVID yesterday. I’d been showing a variety of symptoms since Wednesday, but all of my home tests kept coming back negative. Then I found out that someone I had been around on Monday tested positive, and suddenly things got more concerning. Luckily I don’t (yet) have a fever. And my breathing seemsContinue reading “It feels like I am being punished”

One does not equal the other

I feel hopeless. I would guess that people who throw around words and concepts like depression or blame bipolar on everything would say “you’re just depressed. Things will look up.” But I’m not depressed. Hopeless doesn’t mean I am depressed. I’m not depressed at all. But I do feel hopeless. It’s the situation with myContinue reading “One does not equal the other”

“Fuck it. I’m going to the Bahamas.”

After months and months and more months of a nightmare of harassment involving my downstairs neighbor, it culminated with proof to me in court last week that neither I nor the police could do a damn thing about the situation. Emotionally, this came really close to full on breaking me. I needed to get myContinue reading ““Fuck it. I’m going to the Bahamas.””

Goodbye, 2021. Hello, 2022.

Happy New Year. Welcome to 2022. Every year, on December 31st, I take my time to sit down and think. It’s my way of celebrating my successes and accepting what needs working on or working toward. The past year, as a whole, has been extremely difficult. The pandemic. Politics. Climate. Stupid people. I just hadContinue reading “Goodbye, 2021. Hello, 2022.”

Thanksgiving – AKA one of my least favorite days of the year

Nearly everyone I know has been gearing up for the big American holiday coming up this Thursday. A day of feasting, family, friends, and feelings of gratitude. Thanksgiving for me, though, is a day that causes sadness, loneliness, anxiety, and reminders of everything I don’t believe I have in my life. This does sound likeContinue reading “Thanksgiving – AKA one of my least favorite days of the year”

Lessons from a therapist for ADD

I’ve known for quite some time that I had some form of ADD/ADHD. My long-time therapist pinged it right away, as well. However, my psych insisted we were wrong and that was the end of that! The symptoms were just my bipolar and anxiety, said he. (BAH!) So I didn’t get the “official” diagnosis untilContinue reading “Lessons from a therapist for ADD”