A best friend is someone to treasure

Ellen and I make very little sense together to people who only know one of us but not really the other. It feels weird talking (writing) about her here. Because… I can’t just describe her. And, I’m sure that the her *I* describe wouldn’t at all be the her that *she* would describe. 🙂 Plus,Continue reading “A best friend is someone to treasure”

“I’m not good enough”

This quick and dirty post brought to you by a session with my therapist today. You know those intense feelings of inadequacy and fear? What happens when they are combined with feelings of shame and fear? Maybe add a dash of powerlessness and hopelessness. For extra fun, let’s also throw in some guilt. That joyfulContinue reading ““I’m not good enough””

Dungeons & Dragons is more than a game

Ok. I get to talk about happiness again for this challenge. And, I am going to talk about something I’ve been wanting to talk about here for the longest time. Things. People. Activities. What brings me happiness? Dungeons & Dragons is the first thing that will always come to mind. I’ve played D&D, off andContinue reading “Dungeons & Dragons is more than a game”

Contemplations on happiness in general

I have an entire list in the Notes app on my phone that names things that make me happy. It numbers in the hundreds. Sometimes, when I used to hit the point of “I need a tattoo” to appease the mental breakdown gods, I would pull out that list to determine what that tattoo wouldContinue reading “Contemplations on happiness in general”

How would I describe my personality?

My therapist told me that I have the “gift of intensity.” I think that’s the perfect description of who I am. Describing my personality in concrete terms has been hard to figure out over the years, because it was always me trying to differentiate my innate personality from the symptoms that come as a resultContinue reading “How would I describe my personality?”

Connecting with other people

Vulnerability. That’s the magic word when it comes to connection. It’s when we let our guard down and find acceptance in who we are. It’s feeling free to be silly. Feeling free to express our honest emotions. Feeling free to let go and tell the world what’s in our heads and in our hearts. WhenContinue reading “Connecting with other people”

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

Please take note. As of a few days ago, 988 has become the National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. A person can either call or send a text message using just these three numbers. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones,Continue reading “988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline”

Inspiring a culture of change

Last week I received back an invitation to fill out an administrative questionnaire from the place I applied for a job at. I was immediately excited, because I am extremely confident in my ability to express myself in writing. The questionnaire had your basic questions. Organization skills (it asked me to go into detail!).Why amContinue reading “Inspiring a culture of change”